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Wednesday 27 November 2013

Our Latest Reviewer has Given up, Giving Up on Shower Caps!

We were delighted to hear that we had surpassed Hareem's expectations about shower caps when she reviewed Save the Blow Dry for her blog, IHeartMexo...

The verdict?

"It secured all of my hair which I was pretty happy about. It 's quite a comfortable cap too unlike a few other I've tried out. It has a good grip and stays intact. Once I came out of the shower and took it off, my hair was exactly like before. There was no water or dampness getting in there which is something I am impressed by because my hair does have a tendency to frizz a lot."

Read the full review, here

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Not a Shower Cap Kinda Gal?

That's what the LateNightNonsense Blog thought... but then our QUEEN of shower caps came along and changed everything!

"I try to limit myself to only washing my hair 2-3 times a week, so the rest of the time I'm doomed to trying to keep my hair dry with a mixture of hairbands, clips and scrunchies. I'm not usually a shower cap kinda gal, but when offered the opportunity to try Save The Blow Dry, I wondered whether it was time to start...."

Find out what the verdict was here!

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Happy to have Discovered our Queen of Shower Caps!

Thanks to Clare, at LittlePinkTeacup Blog, who had this to say about our QUEEN of Shower Caps:

"I'm so happy that I've discovered this product, it could really save me a lot of time when getting ready to go out in evenings or even in the mornings when I return to work next year. No longer will I have to adhere to my strict shower, make-up hair routine, working around my husband (who takes forever in the bathroom in a morning) and my children (who are a juggling act of timing all on their own)!"

Clare, we're happy to have discovered you, too! Read the full review, here!

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Making Shower Caps Trendy!

The BeautyBestFriend Blog became our new best friend, this week, when concluding the review of Save the Blow Dry with these wonderful words...

"Overall I love this product, I think Save The Blow Dry has revived the shower cap and… dare I say it… has taken the first step to making shower caps trendy…!?"

Funnily enough, we agree!

You can read the full review, here!

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Save the Blow Dry Shower Cap Gem!

... At least that's what Hannah & Kizzy say at the LittleMissKME blog. Here's what our professional hairdresser reviewer had to say:

"I’ve become a huge fan of Save The Blow Dry and will be recommending them to my clients. After all who wants to spend all that time styling your hair, only to have the humidity of your shower spoil it!!!"

Exactly, we say!

You can read the full review, here!

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Monday 25 November 2013

Save the Blow Dry, Banish Frizz!

Thanks to Bree at the OhSoFoxy Blog, who had this to say about our Shower Cap:

"I have really long hair so I tied it up before using the cap. During sitting in the bath I was so sure that the back of my hair had gotton wet ( as it usually does ) But when I finally removed the cap there was nothing! Not even frizz. Now that's what I call results."

Happy days! We love it when we surprise and delight a sceptic! You can read the review in full, here!

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The Best Shower Cap EVER

Even Hannah's teddy, Marmaduke, looks great in a Save the Blow Dry Shower Cap!

Hannah, author of TheMakeUpTimes Blog, writes:
"How does it fair compared to other shower caps? Save the Blow dry is quite possibly the best shower cap ever, it does exactly what it says on the tin and I love how shamelessly girly and fun the design is. It has a a water proof outside with a sneaky micro towel inside to help zap humidity and help abolish poofing. Plus there's enough room for all my hair so it doesn't get squashed and it easily all fits inside to keep dry. It's also quite roomy and once I've finished showering there isn't a dreaded elastic ridge in my fore head. My hair both looks and feels completely untouched which isn't an easy task considering it frizzes and kinks at the tiniest hint of moisture. It can also be flipped inside out and used whilst you're using your favourite hair mask too. Even Marmaduke is a fan."

Read the review in full, here!

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A Shower Cap that Does what it Says it Does!

The TouchofBelle Blog reviewed Save the Blow Dry at the weekend, and we're pleased to report that the verdict was that Save the Blow Dry does exactly what it says it does!

"You can buy your Save The Blow Dry direct from the Save The Blow Dry website the caps retail at £14.95 which sounds quite pricey for a shower cap but it is really worth it as its keeps all the water out and does exactly what it says!"

You can read the full review, here!

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"I Completely Recommend this Shower Cap...!"

Yaya at TheFrugalityProject Blog wrote a glowing review about Save the Blow Dry at the weekend.

She writes, "I completely recommend this shower cap. I tried it on 6 different occasions and had a great result every single time! I like it so much that I am going to gift it to some of the ladies on my Christmas list - at only £14.95 it is completely worth investing in. Believe me, I believe in frugality and would not dare recommend something in case I would spend money on it myself - and this is definitely something that would be worth investing in! Think about it ladies - you'll save loads of time and now that the holiday season is approaching you can spend more time mingling than you do getting ready!"

Hooray! It seems that many couldn't agree more, as our orders for Christmas are flying out of the door. You can read the review in full, here!

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"The Perfect Shower Cap"

Thanks to Terri at the Mum.Wife.Girl blog...

In it, Terri writes that "Save the Blow Dry have created the perfect shower cap!"

You can find out why Terri thinks this is the case, at the full review, here!

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Friday 22 November 2013

Shower Cap = Breakfast!

Thanks to Charlotte at Looks2BLoved Blog, who very correctly points this out! She says,

"Seriously, if you haven’t tried one of these, you should. You’ll be amazed!"

You can read the review in full, here!

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Thursday 21 November 2013

Praise from a Shower Cap Hater!

We especially love the reviews that we receive whereby we have surprised, astonished and delighted our new friends - particularly if they begin by wondering what all the fuss about our QUEEN of Shower Caps is all about! Enter BlondesMaketheBestVictims Blog!

"The inside is a soft towelling microweave material which covers over the elastic so you don’t get that dreaded crimping mark in your skin and it stops your head overheating and in turn the dreaded frizz!  And its super roomy, there is space in there for even really long or thick hair…or if you have an unusually large head (I joke…blondesmakethebestvictims encourage a healthy body image, embrace your cranium)."

Read the review in full, here!

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Wednesday 20 November 2013

Save Hair Hassle with the QUEEN of Shower Caps!

Thanks to Kelly at ToBecomeMum Blog, who has found the secret to ending hair hassle lies with our Save the Blow Dry shower cap! Here's what she had to say!...

"The towel lining is super soft and the cap is so comfortable to wear. I've bought shower caps in the past and they've always been too plastic and stiff, leaving indents around my hairline where it's pinched my skin. And of course, the disposable kind you get in hotels are pretty useless and not very pretty at all. Save The Blow Dry fits nice and snug but without being uncomfortable and after my long soak, my hair was still nice and dry and as straight as I'd styled it the day before."

Read the full review, here!

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Hair Care, Shower Caps - and a VERY cute li'l model!

All we have to say is that we are in love with this little guy. Thank you to LouLovesBeauty Blog, for a really informative article and an adorable model! Definitely one to show the girlfriend when he's older!

Read the review in full, here!

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Extra Time in the Land of Nod with Save the Blow Dry!

Thanks to Helen of the Fragile Bird Blog, who had this to say about Save the Blow Dry - our QUEEN of Shower Caps...

"Overall I am so so happy with this product, I can now have just that little bit extra time in the mornings, safe in the knowledge I can jump in and out of the shower and then not have to spend that extra 20 minutes drying my hair.  With all this extra time on my hands I don't know what I'm gonna do, maybe I'll be a bit of a daredevil and have some extra time in bed, wow, crazy huh!"

You can read the full review, here!

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Monday 18 November 2013

Important Verdicts about Shower Caps!

Thanks to Vicky, who had this to say about her testing of Save the Blow Dry!

"Now the important bit – did it prevent the dreaded frizz? I am pleased to report it did! On whipping off the cap, my locks remained frizz free and hadn’t curled up as usually happens. I’m really impressed as the cap does live up to its billing and could save me a good couple of hours a week which, for me, could be a god send!"

Read the full review, here!

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Shower Cap Love!

Taylor is surprised to find that her new love is a shower cap! On the ALittlePinUpEveryDay, she writes:

"I am in love!  And I’m surprised to say it’s with a shower cap; but this isn’t just any shower cap – it’s the queen of shower caps!"

You can read the review in full, here!

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Stitches of Style in our Shower Cap!

It seems that Save the Blow Dry has won another convert to the shower cap revolution! StitchesofStyle Blog had this to say:

"I have seriously never understood the concept of a shower cap in the past, I've never used one other than for dying my hair so the dye doesn't go all over the place, because the concept of actually using them within the shower never works, as they don't usually work in keeping your hair dry- which is why i've took so long to review the product as I needed to find a time where I didn't mind destroying my blow dry, incase the product didn't work! But the Save The Blow Dry shower cap is seriously a whole other concept. This time the shower cap actually works."

You can read the full review, here!

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Saturday 16 November 2013

Nuttall Goes Nutty for our Shower Cap!

Thanks to Anna Nuttall, who wrote the following on her blog!

"Save The Blow Dry is a really effective shower cap, I was able to try this out before giving my hair the chop and after clipping my hair in place and making sure nothing would get wet I was surprised how my hair was after – dry and not sweaty."

Read the full review, here

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Doth Thy Shower Cap!

Kristina at ModeofStyle Blog not only sent us this super cute pic of her modelling Save the Blow Dry, but also points out that a glamorous shower cap is always a good idea, as you never know who might show up for a shower. Ooo errr! It is a good point, though...

"It does the job without feeling uncomfortable, whilst you look gorgeous, which is good because you never know when you might get an unexpected visit in the shower..."

You can read the full review, here!

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Save the Blow Dry on to a Winner!

Wooohoooo - with all these reviews, we have to say that we do think we're on to a winner, and Katrina at ChatterFox Blog agrees! Thank you Katrina!

"The second thing I noticed was that it’s pink. It’s definitely pink. That’s not a bad thing. I love the styling of this shower cap, I feel like Barbara Windsor in a Carry On film. Like a vintage goddess. But if pink isn’t your thing then rumour has it that there will be new designs launching in 2014..."

Lovely! And we can most definitely confirm that the rumours are correct, Katrina! 

You can read the review in full, here

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A Shower Cap Like No Other!

Rheya of PixiRella Blog describes Save the Blow Dry as 'a shower cap like no other..."

We agree, obviously! She says:

"What I love the most about this Save The Blow Dry shower cap is how roomy it is. I found my previous, bog standard cap a little tight on my shoulder length hair and would struggle to have my hair in a bun underneath. Now I can have my hair loose or in a top knot or pretty much however I please and know that there won't be any sneaky strands poking out and suffer a good drenching due to the fabric being stretched. "

Read the full review, here!

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Shower Cap Cynic Turns Converted!

We were more than happy for Save the Blow Dry cynic, IAmLinderella Blog to review our QUEEN of Shower Caps ... we know... it sounds too good to be true, right?

"I have to admit that when I was contacted about Save The Blow Dry, I was intrigued by the concept but cynical about it actually working in practice. I actually like this product as it definitely reduces humidity in comparison to using a standard shower cap. My hair stayed looking a lot more voluminous and bouncier than usual."

You can read the full review, here!

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5/5 for Save the Blow Dry Shower Cap!

According to the AllThingsEmmaDunn Blog!

5/5! Full Marks! Huzzah!

You can read the full review, here!

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Conclusion: Best Shower Cap!

Huzzah! Kerry at LifeAsWeKnowIt Blog had the following to say about our Save the Blow Dry, which does what it, basically, says on the tin [bag]...

"So, my conclusion is this is the best - by far - shower cap i have ever used. It does exactly what it says it will do, my hair didnt lose volume and it stay frizz-free. Overall a wonderful product!"

Read the full review, here

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The Perfect Shower Cap for a BizziMummy!

BizzyMummy's World today gives a smashing review of Save the Blow Dry - the perfect accessory for any busy mummy, indeed!

"I love using my new shower cap. I hadn’t really bothered using them before as I always thought they looked cheap and plasticky. This one is great tho. It’s very stretchy so will fit even the largest of heads and once it’s on it clings to your head to fit. The towelling layer makes it feel comfy and soft and my hair stays completely dry and tangle free whilst showering."

You can read the full review, here!

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To Cap it all, She can Save the Blow Dry!

Thanks to MotherDistracted Blog! The gorgeous Linda (seen here modelling!) says of Save the Blow Dry:

"Now I love anything a little retro and have already had two lovely vintage style shower caps which, due to the volume of my hair have long since given up the ghost. This one, the "Save The Blow Dry" claims to be the "moisture eliminating Queen of shower caps" and I think it's a definite keeper.  It offers a 100% guarantee for the best blowdry protection and promises no more frizz or flattened style horrors."

You can read the full review, here

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Review from a Shower Cap Virgin!

Thanks to Naomi from PenniesforaPound Blog, who says:

"Its special selling point is that it has a special towel lining on the inside, which protects your hair from getting damp. It really does work!"

You can read the full review, here!

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"This Save the Blow Dry Shower Cap is Really Something Else!"

And so says Megan, from MissMadAboutNails Blog...

"My hair was completely bone dry when i took it off after my bath! It also fits so well, not like your usual cheap shower cap, that has a weak elastic that allows pieces of hair to fall out! This Save the Blow Dry shower cap really is something else!!"

We agree! You can read the full review, here!

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Friday 15 November 2013

Shower Cap LOVE

Yay! BeginnersBlog has not-so-shyly admitted that she has fallen in love... with the QUEEN of shower caps!

"I tried this the other day and I have fallen in love. I love how soft the towel is on the inside of the cap. It’s really gentle on your hair and there is no tugging involved. The best part of the shower cap is that you can switch it inside out and use it as a hair mask protector. Apply your hair mask as normal and to prevent dripping, place the cap on your head with the plastic material on the inside and towel on the outside and leave for however long you need it."

So, now you know what to do if you're looking for a bit of blow-dry-saving romance. You can read the full review, here!

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Thursday 14 November 2013

Save the Blow Dry - also good for rain showers!

Here's Dreamcatcher-Beauty blog's verdict on our Shower Cap!

"This product is now a firm member of my shower routine when not washing my hair - in all honesty, this is a saving grace and I don't know how I used to shower without it. I haven't been let down by this product yet and if I could wear it out in the rain without looking like a bit of an idiot I really would. Yes, really!"


You can read the full review, here!

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Tuesday 12 November 2013

Our Shower Cap, the Bonny Bonnet!

A wonderfully big cheer for Erika at EclecticEnchantments blog, who had this to say about Save the Blow Dry:

"All of my hair fitted neatly inside the cap, which was comfortable to wear for a prolonged time.  It did get a little warm under the cap, but it didn’t affect the result.  My hair stayed perfectly blow dried!  Not a frizzy strand in sight!   FANTASTIC!"

We especially love that you liked the reverse hair treatment technique, too! You can read the full review, here!

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Monday 11 November 2013

First Video Review of [quote] 'the best shower cap in the world'

Thanks to FaithDoesFashion for this most excellent and hilarious review of Save the Blow Dry!

You can watch the review, here!

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MummyandtheCuties Review of Save the Blow Dry!

Here's what a busy Mum at MummyandtheCuties blog things about our QUEEN of shower caps!

"And did it work for me!?
A Big YES. It did served its purpose really well and did what is intended to do.  When it says Super Roomy, It is.- May be it should Say “Massive” roomy. Mine is a Wavy Hair and up to the  shoulders and it has covered each and every bit of the hair during my shower and didn’t fall off, didn’t loosen, Just stayed perfect and protected my hair."
Read the full review, here

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Our Shower Cap Makes a Great Present

Thanks to Megan House Blog, which writes...

"...I've never found one as successful and reliable as this in the past so it's definitely worth the buy and how cute is the pattern?! Go on treat yourself here and while you're at it it makes a great present for someone too!...

Hooray! You can read the review in full, here

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A Gem of a Shower Cap!

The PerfectionLife Blog had this to say about our QUEEN of shower caps, today...

"Worries about washing my hair are now a thing of the past after my discovery of the absolute gem that is Save The Blow Dry."

Read the review, in full, here!

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Our Shower Cap On Becky's Mum's Christmas List!

And proud to be so! BeckysBeautyFix blog reviewed our Save the Blow Dry QUEEN of shower caps, and here's what she had to say:

"Overall I would 100% recommend it, it fits all my hair (meaning all the little baby hairs/loose strands don't get wet and go frizzy) and it feels such good quality, I'm sure it will last for years. (I even have my mum and sister pestering me to borrow it - I might have to pick them both up one for Christmas, haha!)..."

Smashing stuff! You can read the review in full, here!

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uni, late night studying, sleep, shower cap, repeat

We had a glimpse into the manic life of student, Jude, at TheWeeBlondie blog, today!

"Being a fourth year student I have found my routine has become getting up and running late. shower, dry shampoo (which I always hate how it makes my hair feel), uni, late night studying, sleep, repeat...

"...This product is amazing and has saved me so many times this week when Ive been running late and means I only have you use half as much heat on my hair! If you don't have this product already then go buy it NOW!"

You can read the review in full, here!

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This is what was said by That's What Sophie said... about our shower cap!...

And if you needed convincing that Save the Blow Dry was the perfect companion for long, bubbly, baths, then look no further than the That'sWhatSophieSaid blog...

"I can't explain how surprised I was with the results - I was sure that I would still have to have my hairdryer and straighteners on stand-by, but my hair came out exactly the same as when it went in, and it wasn't flat at all. It's also incredibly roomy, so even though I don't have particularly long hair, I'm sure this would suit you long-haired ladies too."

Want to read the review in full? You can! - Here

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Save the Blow Dry - For late-sleepers and lazy blow dryers, everywhere!

We love this post and the featured Vidal Sassoon quote: "Women were going back to work, they were assuming their own power. They didn't have time to sit under the dryer."

Thanks to the All-in-one-Mum blog for this ace review...

"My hair is naturally curly and when it comes into contact with water it gets frizzy but in my last few showers I've come out with the same, smooth hair style that I started with.  Bliss!   If my husband had bought me one of these for my birthday or Christmas, I'd actually be pretty darn happy.  It looks great and fits snuggly over my long below the shoulder, thick hair."

You can read this brilliant review in full, here!

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Shower Cap Perfection, So Says Perfiction!

Thanks to the gorgeous Emily Scholes of The Perfiction Life blog, who says of our QUEEN of shower caps...

"You can say a farewell to the utterly useless, non protective, rip at any moment shower caps (that I'm pretty sure we've all 'picked up' from hotel rooms in the past) and hello to every girls new best friend."

We like the idea of being every girl's best friend - happy times! 

You can read Emily's review in full, here

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OMG! #showercap ADORABLE!

That is all.

Save the Blow Dry put to the Ultimate test!

We were really pleased that the ManchesterFlickChick got to put Save the Blow Dry through its paces! The following paragraph kinda sums up why it was the ultimate test for our QUEEN of shower caps!

"When I heard that Save The Blow Dry were looking for people to review their frizz eliminating shower cap, I agreed at once. As you probably know by now I have long ridiculously thick hair which loves to freak out at any sign of humidity. It’s defeated an entire bottle of hair serum before and takes 5 hours to air dry, so having a daily shower is a nightmare."

Want to know what the verdict was? Read the review in full, here!

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A little ray of glitter!

We were delighted to read Laura's review of our Save the Blow Dry shower cap at the RayofGlitter blog...

"As I stepped out of the shower and dried, I removed the  cap and my first words were "It's still dried to perfection!

"A gorgeous and well thought out product which I absolutely love!"

You can read the full review, here!

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Friday 8 November 2013

There's more to life than hair...!

We couldn't say it better than Lizi over at Mamma Betty's Blog, who exclaims, "I can see this really taking hold in bathrooms all over the world, i mean who has the time these days to waste in front of the mirror, girls there’s a world out there to take over, put down the straighteners and don the Save the Blow Dry!"

Click here to read the review in full!

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No more trips to Frizzland!

We know only too well that Frizzland is a dark, dark place - run away! Thanks to FatBeautyx blog for reviewing our super hero shower cap!

"All in all, I couldn't recommend this shower cap enough, anyone who has frizzy hair that spends time styling it, one shower and its back to frizzland. Not with this Shower cap! For £14.95 its an absolute STEAL if you think about how much you spend on a blow dry in the salons, Or how its saved you having to spend another hour doing your hair because your normal shower cap ruined your hairstyle you spend ages on the night before."

You can read the full review, here!

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The Shower Cap that doesn't 'PING'!

LoveFromCornwall blog, we're sending you love right back!

"I always find normal showercaps are either painfully tight or can’t handle the head-hair combo and bail out, pinging off mid-shower. This one’s so comfy I forget I’m wearing it (dangerous when answering the door) and can also be reversed when using a hair treatment to keep all the nourishing goodness inside. Plus I feel like a synchronised swimmer from the 1950s in it, which is always a good way to feel."

You can read the full review, here!

A Digital Diva... in a Shower Cap!

Thanks to DigitalDiva blog, who took the time to review our QUEEN of shower caps.

"My hair has been completely untouched my moisture after having a shower..."

And that, is exactly, the point! Read the full review, here!

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No more poofy-ness!

Wow! Stylingo Blog has really given the Save the Blow Dry shower cap a glowing report - huzzah!

"...It was for this reason that I was genuinely so excited to receive this brand new shower cap fromSave the Blowdry. I use a shower cap most days and while it generally gets the job done, I usually end up having to still style my hair a bit after as water inevitably sneaks in at the bottom, or the humidity leaves me looking poofy. Well – NO LONGER, MY FRIENDS..."

Indeed, no more poofy hair - three cheers for that!

You can read the full report, here!

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InsideEmmasAttic predicts world domination for Save the Blow Dry!

Thanks to InsideEmmasAttic blog; we hope your crystal ball is indeed, correct, when you write:

"I can see this really taking hold in bathrooms all over the world, i mean who has the time these days to waste in front of the mirror, girls there's a world out there to take over, put down the straighteners and don the Save the Blow Dry!..."

You can read the full review, in all its glory, here:

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Shower Cap....Boom!

Thanks to ClaireDoesBeauty blog, who has been re-introduced to the world of shower caps (that work!)...

"Hello lovelies, How many times have you perfected your hair just the way you want it or had a lovely blow dry at the hairdressers only to then jump in the shower and BOOM! hair is transformed into a ball of frizziness! Yes we have all been there and annoying it may be, but there is a solution of keeping your shiny locks just as they are and the answer, is a shower cap, yes i said a shower cap but it's not just any old one oh no, let me explain."

You can read Claire's full review, here!

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Thursday 7 November 2013

No doddering with Save the Blow Dry!

See?! It really DOES Save the Blow Dry! - So says the She and Hem blog!

"It has finally arrived! A shower cap that I can wear to keep my hair dry without looking like a doddering old lady in the rain. Not only does this one look cute but it also has a hidden secret! An internal layer of towelling which protects your hair from the humidity and condensation which usually destroys any attempt at pre-shower styling. It really does Save the Blow Dry!"

You can read the full review, here!

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Our Shower Cap: Saving Posties, as well as your blow dry!

We really had our morning cheered up when we read on the Mascara&Malteser Blog that even busy models can admit to wearing shower caps - frog-themed ones, at that... even when there's a risk of scaring the Postman

"So I have now been using these for a few days now and I am very happy to say it actually works, and at the cost it is very much worth every penny. Anything that saves me time styling my hair is a winner. Some issues I have found with previous shower caps, yes frog hat I am looking at you, is that it still lets in humidity somehow and it often leaves a red ring around my scalp where the hat was placed. Luckily the Save The Blow Dry Shower Cap doesn't do either of these things. This is really something you need if you don't do a daily hair wash! Plus how cute is the design? Hopefully the postman won't be so frightened when I answer the door in this beauty!"

Belle, we're sure that you can pull off the frog-look, but we're glad you found us! Thanks for the review! - You can read it in full, here!

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Phewee! It's the Pre Crimbo shower cap dash!

Goodness! We have been so ecstatically busy this last two weeks, fulfilling orders as salons and customers on our website start thinking about their stocking filler Christmas gifts.

Save the Blow Dry is the GENIUS gift for anyone, from teens that spend a lot of time on straightening, curling and styling their hair, to Grannies who wish to preserve the wash and set - and everyone in between!

Guaranteed to put smiles on faces - AND to SAVE THE BLOW DRY!

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Save the Blow Dry: No more frizz or flattened style horrors!

A big thank you to 'InspirationsHaveINone' blog, for posting a thorough review of our Save the Blow Dry Queen of Shower Caps, this week!

"Since my hair is long, I used a couple of hair clips before putting the cap on and then proceeded to shower as usual. It is really comfortable and has a nice grip, so hair doesn't come out after you put it on. When I went back in my room to get dressed and took the cap off I was really pleased to see that my hair was actually intact: no frizz or flattened locks!"

You can read the full review, here!

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Tuesday 5 November 2013

Shower Cap Tug O' War!

Blimey, it seems we may have caused a little domestic unrest in the house of MhiUK Blog! ...

"So I’ve tested this shower cap and I’m in LOVE. Natasha has decided she wants to borrow it tonight, and I can tell it’s going to become a source of lots of arguments - who will get to keep the shower cap?"

No fighting, ladies!

You can read the full review, here!

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Great minds think alike (about Shower Caps) ...

We loved this post from Pyari Beauty Blog - not least because it utterly sums up why we invented this crazy-town, amazing shower cap in the first place!

"There's nothing worse than spending time blowing your hair then when you get in the shower your hair ends up frizzy because of all the moisture. I have used and tried many shower caps before in the past but I always struggle with the fact that they a) don't fit my head properly and b) my hair ends up spilling out of the cap due to the fact it's quite long."

We agree! Annoying!

You can read the review in full, here!

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Monday 4 November 2013

We couldn't have said it better ourselves!

Thanks to Dori, at the FromAYellowHouse blog, who took the time to review our Queen of Shower Caps, having been part of the blogger panel we tested our initial idea with. Dori, says, 

"It's a generous sized cap so even if you have thick hair it will cover your hair well. It also has a good fit. When I've used shower caps in the past, the elastic bit is usually not snug at all so water and humidity can definitely get in. Well that's not a problem with this shower cap. The Save the Blow Dry shower cap fits snugly without crushing your head. It fits just right."

We couldn't have said it better ourselves. Thanks Dori!

You can read the full review here!

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Sunday 3 November 2013

You can't beat a before, during & after (in a shower cap)!

Big thanks to AnotherGirlyBlog who added extra 'oomph' to her words with the 'show and tell' method and a series of before, during and after shots! 

"I really love this product! It has cut hours out of my hair routine as my hair stays the same after styling right through until my next wash because this Save The Blow Dry protects it (as you can see above). I have shoulder length very thick hair and there is still soooo much space in the shower cap."

Absolutely LOVE these snaps, which perfectly portray the whole point of our QUEEN of shower caps; it actually DOES keep your hair COMPLETELY dry in the shower! No lesser shower cap will do!Read the review in full, here!

You can read the full review in all of its wonderful glory, here

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JoannaLoves Blog... But will she still when her boyfriend pinches it?

Not only does Joanna at the JoannaLoves blog LOVE Save the Blow Dry, but so does her boyfriend, so it happens...!

"The pretty pink bows make it a very girly experience but my boyfriend still has some kind of fascination with it and wants to use it, I’m not entirely sure I’ll still fancy him if he does. I don’t wash my hair everyday but obviously I do shower daily, this is going to be my lifesaver when I want my curls to stay in the next day and after a shower."

Brilliant! And the perfect rebuke to the recent piece in Stylist magazine which suggested that a shower cap was not a sexy look! Thanks Joanna - and from the picture you posted, we can see why he's so smitten!

You can read the full review, here!

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