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Saturday 28 December 2013

Don't forget your shower cap!

As emphasised by the Ladies What blog, you can't always rely on a hotel to supply a shower cap (and even when they do, we think they're pretty useless!)

So don't forget your Save the Blow Dry! Also recommended for travelling: memory card, plasters, plastic bags and local currency! Read all the top tips for travel, here!

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Friday 27 December 2013

Do you feel silly in a shower cap?!

Then get yourself a Save the Blow Dry! ... and so says our US blogger from Leather&LipGloss...

"I love that it has a cute, feminine design- even though you feel silly wearing a shower cap sometimes, you can feel a little prettier in this one!"

Read the review in full, here

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Wednesday 25 December 2013

A Shower Cap worth matching your dressing gown to!

Thanks to Britnee at BeautyProductADay blog, who said that Save the Blow Dry was the cutest shower cap that she had ever been sent to review!

"The Save the Blow Dry shower cap is great for protecting your hair. I get slightly frizzy hair when I shower and this totally saved me from needing to straighten. While I'm lucky to have pretty naturally straight hair, if you've got a natural curl going I imagine this would really help you out! It was also big enough to cover up my long hair." 

You can read the review in full, here

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Our Shower Cap, the weave saviour!

So crowned by the lovely Kanke, at SugarKanke blog!

Kanke says, "Definitely a weave saviour to the rescue! And it does exactly the above, i will definitely recommend this product and i will grab one myself or as a gift. I give this product a 4.5 out of 5."

Read the review, in full, here


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Monday 23 December 2013

Is it weird to LOVE a Shower Cap?

We don't think so, and neither, it seems, does Roxanne, at MHI-UK Blog...

"So I’ve tested this shower cap and I’m in LOVE. Natasha has decided she wants to borrow it tonight, and I can tell it’s going to become a source of lots of arguments - who will get to keep the shower cap?"

Read the review in full, here!

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Friday 20 December 2013

Surprised that you can feel so strongly about a shower cap?!

... it sounds like Hayley, from Hanging Off the Wire blog, was! She exclaims, "This really works, surprisingly! I love it."

As always, the feeling is, of course, mutual. You can read the review in full, here.

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Our Unique Shower Cap!

That's what Hanging Off the Wire Blog thought, anyway!

Read the review in full, here!

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Thursday 19 December 2013

Save the Blow Dry Office Closure 23 Dec - 2 Jan

Hello everyone!

Just a quick note to say that the Blue Orange office will be closed for the Christmas period, from 23 December - 2 January. Any orders received via the website won't be processed until 2 Jan, which means that the earliest delivery date will be Monday 6th Jan.

We want to take this opportunity to wish you a very happy festive season, and we look forward to more shower cap shenanigans in the New Year!

Love Clare and the Save the Blow Dry team xxx

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Wednesday 18 December 2013

Save the Blow Dry reviewed by a very curly customer!

Thanks Niki, from USA based blog, JustCallMeTheGirlWithTheSpiderTattoo , who really put our QUEEN of shower caps to the test with her gorgeous, curly locks. Nikki summarised: 

Read the full review, here!

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Our Shower Cap Hits the Big Apple

And here's the verdict from Hello Pretty Bird Blog - our first New York review!

"So I'm guessing that the first question most people would ask is "Does it work?" Based on my experiences, YES. My hair was not damp at all after showering with this camp, nor was it flattened and bleh looking like it would be with other, more constrictive caps. It's also worth noting that Save The Blow Dry is extremely roomy, making it suitable with people with very long hair or very large heads. My boyfriend has an enormous head and he was able to wear it comfortably... I took some photos but I think I'll save them for blackmail purposes, buahaha."

Read the full review, here!

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"I Cannot Rate this Shower Cap from Save the Blow Dry Enough...!"

Not our words (that would be a little biased!), but the words of beautyqueenUK blog, who writes:

"So no only does this mask stop my hair from looking like a frizzy mess, it also doubles up as a little extra when using a treatment and it saves me hours of time when it comes to styling my hair, seriously what more could I ask for? I cannot rate this shower cap from SAVE THE BLOW DRY! enough it is fantastic."

Read the review in full, here!

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Tuesday 17 December 2013

"This is the only shower cap I will be using from now on..."

Praise indeed from American blogger, Kaitlyn, at TheKaitlynMorris Blog!

As Kaitlyn points out, "The cap features a cute girly, pink design. The secret to protecting your hair in the shower is the micro weave towel inner layer under the protective outer layer. The best part about the shower cap is the elastic band that is form fitting to your head for ultimate protection. The problem that I face with other shower caps is too loose of a fit around my head so the edges of my hair still get wet. With this cap, there is no frizz, no flattening of your hairstyle and no need to blow dry your hair afterwards."

You can read the review in full, here

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Our Shower Cap Keeps its Promises!

And the proof is given by our very thorough tester at 25castleson25clouds Blog!

"I have to admit I was sceptical about this product doing everything it claims and so when I started this review I was seriously expecting the shower cap to fail....
I am delighted to say could not have been more wrong. I love the SAVE THE BLOW DRY shower cap."
Read the review in full, here!

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Our Shower Cap Hits New Orleans!

Thanks to TheKaitlynMorris Blog - not only for giving us a great review, but also for joining the bloggers in also giving our partner charity, Khandel light, a shout out, too!

"In case this revolutionary design isn't convincing enough for your purchase, the company is partnered with the charity Khandel light, so not only are you saving your hair, but you're working to save lives. Every Save the Blow Dry that is brought through the site helps to fund safe drinking water in Khandel, Rajasthan, India. Your purchase would be helping families in one of the most impoverished regions in the world."

Read the review in full, here!

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Making friends over shower caps!

We love the Sincerely Kaitlyn Blog, which is happy news, because Kaitlyn appears to love us a little bit, too!

"Too many times have I made the mistake of styling my hair before I take a shower, and thinking that the shower cap would protect my style. It never did. Now thanks to the very sweet Clare over at Save the Blow Dry- I finally have the perfect shower cap."

You can read the review in full, here

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Gift a much needed present of water, with each Save the Blow Dry sold

Pictured: Surgyam, a health worker employed by Khandel light
In the 26 drought ridden villages of Rajasthan supported by Khandel light, saving a blow dry is the last thing on any woman's mind. Rather, finding water that is safe for her family to drink is the unceasing priority, for there is only one well between 35,000 people.

Even if they walk many many miles, the villagers will not be able to find clean and safe drinking water.

As a result, many families migrate to the big cities such as Delhi and Mumbai in the hope of a better life. But they move to a life in the slums and on the streets which is even worse and there is no future for the children.

Khandel light, a wonderful charity that is supported by Save the Blow Dry, has stemmed this flow and at the same time empowered many women and children through its water, sanitation, health, shelter, employment and education projects.

Buying one “save the Blow Dry” will provide a family with two weeks of water, desperately needed in an area where temperatures are regularly above 45 degrees. 

Water is fundamental to life and Khandel light has built a network of nearly 600 family water tanks, providing around 18,000 of the world’s poorest people with a drinking water supply.

Each month 430 tankers go into the villages topping these up.

We're so proud to be partnered with Khandel Light. Since its launch in 2000, Khandel light has provided:

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Monday 16 December 2013

Find us at!

We're now available on!

Find us, here!

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Sunday 15 December 2013

The Shower Cap that Adds Days to Your Style

Bella Blisset gave us a lovely shout out in You Magazine, today.

In her 'Straight Talk for Hair' round up, beauty editor, Bella, says: "invest in Save the Blow Dry shower cap, which comes with a frizz fighting lining that adds days to your style."

Read Bella's feature, here!

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Saturday 14 December 2013

A Shower Cap that Does What is Says on the Tin!

You may have spotted us, this month, in the January edition of Prima magazine, which is in stores now. 

Beauty editor, Trish Lesslie, writes... "The Save the Blow Dry shower cap definitely does what it says on the tin! It has two layers, including one made from super absorbent towelling to keep out style-zapping moisture. I love the pretty, retro design, too."

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Shower Cap Cuteness!

Altogether now, "Ahhhhhhh!"... and thanks to Clare (and Little Miss Cutie Savvy!) from OneStopSavvy Blog, for a great post on how we can call reduce the time and heat damage that constantly washing and drying our hair causes!

"This shower cap is amazing. It can be found at Save The Blow Dry for £14.95. No matter how long your hair is, it will fit in this cap. Its hugeeeee! It has a cute outer covered in bows. Inside is towel lined so any moisture that may get inside is soaked up. The cap can be turned inside out and used as a hat when using a wash out hair mask. Got to love a 2 in 1."

Read the review in full, here!

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Friday 13 December 2013

GoodHousekeeping - Daily Advent Countdown!

Did you spot us this week, recommended by GoodHousekeeping's Beauty Director, Eve Cameron!?

See the fabulous video review, here!

GHK is counting down their favourite tips in the lead up to Christmas, so stay tuned for the 'best of the best' in recommendations!

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Our Shower Cap's an Affordable Festive Find!

According to those experts at the Amazing PR Blog. They have scoured the land for the most interesting stocking fillers, and we're their suggestion for teen girls who no doubt have many Christmas and New Year parties planned. Who wants to wash and style their hair EVERY DAY??? Not US!

Read the review and see the shortlist of other festive finds, here!

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Thursday 12 December 2013

Shower Cap Fever Reaches the States!

Not just any old shower cap, mind - only our Save the Blow Dry QUEEN of Shower Caps will do!

Read what DragonflyBeautyReviews had to say, here

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First Review of our Queen of Shower Caps From the USA!

And the verdict is great! Thanks Natalie at NatalieLovesBeauty Blog - we're enjoying reading your readers' comments. Fingers crossed that we'll be in the States soon! In the meantime, we service international orders from our website!

Read Natalies's review in full, here!

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The Shower Cap that 'Really Does Work'

This simple sentence from LolasLittleWonders Blog really does sum it all up...

"It really does work, I can't say any more than that to be honest."

Simply put. We like it.

Read the review in full, here!

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Restoring Faith in Shower Caps since 2013!

Another review from the U-S-of-A arrived with us, this week - with news that we had restored Jennifer's faith in the Shower Cap!

Jennifer at Stylishly Social Blog says: "I’ve resigned myself to smuggling disposable hotel shower caps as well as wrapping my shower capped head in a towel when I need extra reinforcement. I bought a pricey big-brand shower cap from Sephora years back and it lasted all of a couple months before the elastic just gave out altogether. It was a little flimsy to begin with too, and didn’t always keep all of the moisture out. Save The Blow Dry renewed my trust in shower caps! It’s super cute and very well made, with a combination of an absorbent micro weave toweling inner layer and waterproof outer layer. It eliminates humidity and condensation from affecting that precious blow dry (or straightening, or whatever else!) Not only that, but you can turn it inside out and use it over deep conditioning treatments! Genius!"

Read the full review, here!

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Our Shower Cap Makes the 10 Best Under 20 Stocking Fillers round-up

We were delighted to be included in the MotherWifeMe blog, in Luci's round up of top beauty gifts for Christmas, this year!

Here's what she said... "Save The Blowdry Shower Cap. I heard about these on the blogging grapevine a month or so ago and was intrigued enough to buy one. It’s awesome! Spending an age blowdrying my hair only to have it looking lank and unloved after a shower the next day is not what anyone wants. This shower cap is big enough and moisture eliminating enough to keep hair looking as you’d always wished it would. I love these so much I’ve bought them as gifts for several lucky friends and family (shhh!) RRP: £14.95"

Read the review and Luci's round up, in full, here!

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Jelly Rose Yate Blog Reviews our QUEEN of Shower Caps

Thanks Viccy!

Viccy reckons that...

"This is a great product that an invaluable time-saver, especially for a busy mum like me! But it's also a lovely treat for those rare pampering occasions!"

You can read the full review, here!

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Sad Face / Happy Face Shower Cap

Thanks to Sarah from HellotheMushroom blog, who sent us her before and after pics!

See, normal shower caps make *sad faces* and Save the Blow Dry makes really *happy faces*!

Taaa daaaa!

Read the full review post here!

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Save the Blow Dry, Save the Hair Extensions!

Thanks to Amy at Aimsui Blog, who put our QUEEN of shower caps to the test with her beautiful hair extensions... here's what the verdict was...

"I was dubious at how this could be any different to any other shower cap at first...I was wrong! Firstly, the Save the Blow Dry cap is huge! It tucks all of my extra hair extensions in, and protects them fully from the shower which is something I have struggled with in the past. This shower cap has a water proof outerlayer with a soft, absorbent towelling inner layer which absorbs moisture and stops it getting to your blow dy. Absolute genius!

Read the full review, here

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This Shower Cap Works...!

Not just according to use, but also according to FashionFixHunter!

"This shower cap costs £14.95 which you could say is a little over priced for a shower cap. I say it's not, because what is the point in using a shower cap that doesn't work? spending a few pounds on one which doesn't work and trying others. You can get this one and it works, no need to spend any more money on them! Plus it's multi purpose! This shower cap is really good quality, it looks nice and it actually does the job it's supposed to doits a great size, good for short and long hair. the cap looks cute, it came packed in a nice bag and has a retro look to it."


Read the review in full, here!

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Wednesday 11 December 2013

One Neat Shower Cap!

Here's what Ramblings of a Fat Mom Blog wrote about our QUEEN of Shower Caps...

"This is one really neat shower cap! I love the microfiber towel on the inside that helps to eliminate frizz and moisture. Also, it can be reversed if you need to use a hair masque and don't want to dirty the towel.  It even keeps all loose hairs in place so there is no fall out!"

Read the review in full, here!

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The Shower Cap that Even Fits Massive Heads Inherited from Dads!

Oh the lovely Loren! Thanks to LorenGrace blog, who had this to say about Save the Blow Dry...

"As girl with super frizzy hair when even a drop of water gets onto it, I can honestly say this product works a treat! It's super roomy and I have massive head, thanks to my dad.."

Well, Loren - we think your head is just gorgeous, so you can definitely thank your Dad!

Read the review in full, here!

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Tuesday 10 December 2013

Shower Caps Never Really Work??

Well, that's what Hareem from Paperblog thought. Here's what her verdict was...

"Firstly, this shower cap is a really great size. It's perfect for long hair and short. The cap itself looks so cute and pretty. Who wouldn't like that?"

Well, Hareem - we're really not sure who wouldn't, if our Christmas gift orders are anything to go by! 

Read the full review, here!

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"A Functional and Trendy Shower Cap Like No Other..."

Says DB Reviews Blog!

As Dee explains, when she received Save the Blow Dry to review, she thought to herself, "I was intrigued and excited. Would it work? Would it stand up to its claims? Was it just a gimmick? I had so many questions and the only way to get the answers was to try it out."

And what was the verdict? 

"The cap is big enough to cover all my hair and the elastic fits snugly without being too tight. I have used it numerous times since I received it and each time my hair has come out the way it went in - no wetness and no frizziness."

So there you have it! Read the full review, here

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Monday 9 December 2013

Find us at

We're delighted to announce that we are now available from!

We have our own snazzy page, and everything! And can facilitate special delivery orders right up until the 20th December, if you're a wee bit late in ordering that all important stocking filler!

Find us at, here!

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