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Monday 28 April 2014

Mia's Monthly Favourites!

Did you see that Save the Blow Dry made it into Make Me Up Mia's blog, in a round up of her monthly faves?

Read the post here!

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Thursday 24 April 2014

Get Your Paws on a Shower Cap!

Why did the Kats Paws blog want to get its hand on our QUEEN of shower caps to review? 

"I have been using the Save The Blow Dry shower cap for a few weeks now and I am truly impressed"

Find out! Read the review in full, here

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Wednesday 23 April 2014


BIG thanks to @Leatherlipgloss who sent this ADORABLE picture to us.

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Salons can try Save the Blow Dry FOR FREE

Want to know why Save the Blow Dry is the most talked about salon accessory this year and try one for yourself? Then read on… !

Our salon stockists are reporting fantastic sales for our genius style-saving accessory, with many reporting that it’s not only their best-selling retail line, but also the one that delivers the most profitable margin and is the easiest to ‘sell’ to clients at the counter – particularly now we have launched our fabulous new ‘turquoise’ design.

From speaking to our salon partners, we know that many people want to know why Save the Blow Dry is different – and what it is that makes it ‘not just a shower cap’ – but the  MOST TALKED ABOUT SHOWER CAP IN THE WORLD (that’s official!). So, we have a generous number of products that we would like to send to salon professionals who are interested in finding out these things for themselves.

All you have to do is email your salon account manager, Clare, with the following details
Your name:
Your position at the salon:
Name of your salon:
Address of your salon:
Salon email:
Salon phone number:
Save the Blow Dry colour preference (pink or turquoise):

Numbers are somewhat limited – so please do hurry! There is no obligation to place an order, but we hope that this will give you the chance to find out why so many salons think Save the Blow Dry is special and to show it to your salon customers and obtain their feedback. We will respond to your request within a week and all samples will be posted second class, for delivery via Royal Mail. 

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Shower Cap Preaching!

That's what Alexandra from Life of Mummy blog finds herself doing rather a lot of, lately!

"I really am a big fan of the Save the Blow Dry shower cap, I wouldn't be without it now and would recommend it to anyone that will listen!"

Find out why - read the review in full, here!

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Tuesday 15 April 2014

By No Means an Ordinary Shower Cap!

Rachael of the Rachael Lucy blog, who is a daily hair washer, discovered the marvel of drip-free hair treatment experiences, this week, when she reviewed our QUEEN of shower caps!

She says, "For those of you who wash your hair everyday you may be saying "I don't need a shower cap" but I have been using mine turned inside out with a hair treatment on. This can help the treatment to work more effectively and it also stops the treatment from running off and getting everywhere."

Read the review in full, here

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Have you Got An Issue with Shower Caps? Read On!

Thanks to Becky Lou, who reviewed our QUEEN of shower caps, and had this to say: 

"From a girl who has always had an issue using shower caps, this one has definitely change my mind about them and has made being gross and not washing my hair, that much easier! Plus, have you seen the cute colour and design?!"

Read the review in full, here

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Friday 11 April 2014

Enter the 'Queen' of shower caps...!

"... and now I can't shower without one!" Is what gorgeous Saida Cane said about one of our new turquoise Save the Blow Dry Shower Caps! She follows with, 

"A really nice product that I now can't shower without and my hair looks all the better for it on a day-to-day basis."

Thank you, Saida! Read the review in full, here!

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a unique shower cap that does what it says!

That's right, Joanna Victoria, from the blog that goes by the same name!

Read what Joanna has to say about our QUEEN of Shower Caps, here!

... Although perhaps we should have sent our original pink deign, rather than new turquoise, and you would have coordinated even more perfectly!

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Thanks to Molly Louise at Paper Blog; another shower cap sceptic that we have managed to 'turn' with our QUEEN of Shower Caps! 

Molly Louise writes, "Now, I'm not one to use a shower cap because I don't believe they work. My hair seems to almost damp when I use one. However, this one is the exception"

Read the review in full, here

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Thursday 10 April 2014


That's what Rachel, from All the Little Things blog asked herself, just before she got to find out the answer for herself!...

"My hair is really long and is thick enough but I had no problem keeping this on. I even felt the cap on my head a few times in he shower to make sure it wasn't coming off my head in any way and it didn't. I couldn't believe it! I kept it on while I moisturised and was ready to start my make up. This is all thanks to the amazing elasticated rim on the shower cap. The elastic is brilliant as I didn't find it too tight or too loose.

I really love this cap and the fact that it is so amazing is beyond words.. My hair has never been so dry coming out of a shower cap. So yes girlies .. THIS REALLY IS THE QUEEN OF ALL SHOWER CAPS!"

So that told us! Read the review in full, here!

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Wednesday 9 April 2014


We were very grateful for Laura's fab 'make it at home' hair and scalp treatment recipe, as it gives us the perfect excuse to flip our QUEEN of Shower Hats inside out, to use it for its dual benefit.

Voila! Read Laura's recipe at the Beauty Best Friend blog, here!

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Tuesday 8 April 2014

Lovely Hannah reviews our QUEEN of shower caps!

Thanks to Hannah at the Dainty & Ivory blog, who sums up her thoughts about Save the Blow Dry by saying, "my hair remained exactly how it as before I put the cap on!"

Perfect! You can read the review in full, here

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Saturday 5 April 2014


Thanks to @gingechanel for reviewing our new turquoise Save the Blow Dry at A Kiss of Coco blog, writing, 

"The shower cap is like no other. The product has a absorbent towel on the inner layer with a water proof layer over the top, therefore trapping all humidity and condensation which would usually make you hair explode into a mass of frizz. I worried at first about the cap fitting as I have ALOT of really thick hair, but alas the cap is actually quite large and fit perfectly with all my hair tucked away.  I've used this product several times now and have yet to be disappointed, my hair looks great and also doesn't get greasy as quickly. I love the retro turquoise, it's very appealing and the patters are super cute, urgh I love!"

Read the review in full, here

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We need not say much more than simply take this quote, from The Chloe Look Blog.

"As silly as I sound, I feel like my lifestyle has been revolutionised. It usually takes me between 45 mins to an hour to blow dry and straighten my hair and so it's such a relief to be able to use this and get away with washing it less."

That is all. 

Read the review in full, here

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Thursday 3 April 2014


As written by Oliva at Awake Looks blog!

Olivia says, "After trying it out for size, I decided to put the product to the test a few days later. I've taken to not only blow drying but also curling my hair lately, so I really hoped this was going to work. Let's be honest, us students are pretty busy, so being able to preserve time consuming styled hair would be brilliant. Below are my before and after pictures, and I'm thrilled to say my hair looks great! I would even argue that it looks better in the after pictures (haha). The curl has held, my hair is completely dry and it hasn't lost any of it's original volume. "

Read the review in full, here!

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