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Sunday 3 November 2013

JoannaLoves Blog... But will she still when her boyfriend pinches it?

Not only does Joanna at the JoannaLoves blog LOVE Save the Blow Dry, but so does her boyfriend, so it happens...!

"The pretty pink bows make it a very girly experience but my boyfriend still has some kind of fascination with it and wants to use it, I’m not entirely sure I’ll still fancy him if he does. I don’t wash my hair everyday but obviously I do shower daily, this is going to be my lifesaver when I want my curls to stay in the next day and after a shower."

Brilliant! And the perfect rebuke to the recent piece in Stylist magazine which suggested that a shower cap was not a sexy look! Thanks Joanna - and from the picture you posted, we can see why he's so smitten!

You can read the full review, here!

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