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Monday 25 November 2013

The Best Shower Cap EVER

Even Hannah's teddy, Marmaduke, looks great in a Save the Blow Dry Shower Cap!

Hannah, author of TheMakeUpTimes Blog, writes:
"How does it fair compared to other shower caps? Save the Blow dry is quite possibly the best shower cap ever, it does exactly what it says on the tin and I love how shamelessly girly and fun the design is. It has a a water proof outside with a sneaky micro towel inside to help zap humidity and help abolish poofing. Plus there's enough room for all my hair so it doesn't get squashed and it easily all fits inside to keep dry. It's also quite roomy and once I've finished showering there isn't a dreaded elastic ridge in my fore head. My hair both looks and feels completely untouched which isn't an easy task considering it frizzes and kinks at the tiniest hint of moisture. It can also be flipped inside out and used whilst you're using your favourite hair mask too. Even Marmaduke is a fan."

Read the review in full, here!

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