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Sunday 3 November 2013

You can't beat a before, during & after (in a shower cap)!

Big thanks to AnotherGirlyBlog who added extra 'oomph' to her words with the 'show and tell' method and a series of before, during and after shots! 

"I really love this product! It has cut hours out of my hair routine as my hair stays the same after styling right through until my next wash because this Save The Blow Dry protects it (as you can see above). I have shoulder length very thick hair and there is still soooo much space in the shower cap."

Absolutely LOVE these snaps, which perfectly portray the whole point of our QUEEN of shower caps; it actually DOES keep your hair COMPLETELY dry in the shower! No lesser shower cap will do!Read the review in full, here!

You can read the full review in all of its wonderful glory, here

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