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Tuesday 17 December 2013

Gift a much needed present of water, with each Save the Blow Dry sold

Pictured: Surgyam, a health worker employed by Khandel light
In the 26 drought ridden villages of Rajasthan supported by Khandel light, saving a blow dry is the last thing on any woman's mind. Rather, finding water that is safe for her family to drink is the unceasing priority, for there is only one well between 35,000 people.

Even if they walk many many miles, the villagers will not be able to find clean and safe drinking water.

As a result, many families migrate to the big cities such as Delhi and Mumbai in the hope of a better life. But they move to a life in the slums and on the streets which is even worse and there is no future for the children.

Khandel light, a wonderful charity that is supported by Save the Blow Dry, has stemmed this flow and at the same time empowered many women and children through its water, sanitation, health, shelter, employment and education projects.

Buying one “save the Blow Dry” will provide a family with two weeks of water, desperately needed in an area where temperatures are regularly above 45 degrees. 

Water is fundamental to life and Khandel light has built a network of nearly 600 family water tanks, providing around 18,000 of the world’s poorest people with a drinking water supply.

Each month 430 tankers go into the villages topping these up.

We're so proud to be partnered with Khandel Light. Since its launch in 2000, Khandel light has provided:

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