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Thursday 10 April 2014


That's what Rachel, from All the Little Things blog asked herself, just before she got to find out the answer for herself!...

"My hair is really long and is thick enough but I had no problem keeping this on. I even felt the cap on my head a few times in he shower to make sure it wasn't coming off my head in any way and it didn't. I couldn't believe it! I kept it on while I moisturised and was ready to start my make up. This is all thanks to the amazing elasticated rim on the shower cap. The elastic is brilliant as I didn't find it too tight or too loose.

I really love this cap and the fact that it is so amazing is beyond words.. My hair has never been so dry coming out of a shower cap. So yes girlies .. THIS REALLY IS THE QUEEN OF ALL SHOWER CAPS!"

So that told us! Read the review in full, here!

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